Unusual Birds Of The World: The Hummingbird

A few months ago, I started reviewing a video series about animals by Sheryl Brakey, an award winning videographer, with over twenty years of scuba diving at SJB productions. Today I’m continuing with the recording, “Unusual Birds Of The World.” There are many amazing birds, and among them, is the hummingbird.

How Hummingbirds Help You And I

The hummer is a pollenator. It goes from flower to flower, drinking sweet, sticky nectar. While the hummingbird feeds, bits of pollen get stuck the little hairs on its legs, brushing off at the next flower it visits. In fact, I was impressed to find out that the average hummingbird visits about a thousand flowers a day!

The hummingbird makes a delicious meal for snakes that eat the eggs, the praying mantis, cats, and bird-eating spiders, like the tarantula.

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  Threats To The Hummingbird

Sadly, people are destroying the hummingbird’s habitats by cutting down trees. Hunting is another threat to them. Hummingbird feathers were greatly prized by mexico Aztecs. Aztec royalty wore entire cloaks of hummingbird feathers.

In the 19th century of Europe, it was very popular to collect hummingbird skins. Millions were killed in Central and South America & shipped to Europe.

How We Can Prevent The Extinction Of The Hummer and Other Birds

 Hummingbirds help the enviroment in extreme ways. It would be a shame to lose them and other amazing birds in this world, so please join me in saving hummingbirds by doing these three things:

1. Use Recycled and Recycleable Items                                                                        

For example, instead of using plastic bags that could strangle a bird, you could use reusable cloth bags.

2. Use Less Tree-Based Items                                                                                      

Tree-based items are like paper and pencils. You can use less by using electronics, recycling more, and using them sparingly.

3. Don’t Litter the Enviroment                                                                                         

This means to always recycle trash no matter what.

Please stay tuned for more of the series and let’s start making a change for a better environment!


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