Meet Elyssa

Elyssa - WhollyART - Full body

My name is Elyssa. I love God and my family and I inspired them to be Vegan to save the animals. My hobbies are reading, writing, dancing, drawing, singing, and painting. I also like to study different cultures. I was born in San Diego, California, in 2003. I live with my mom and my 3 sisters.

My mom is an author, so when I was seven, I followed her example and created the picture book now called See What I Can Become. Knowing me and my sister loved to paint, my mom asked us to illustrate her book. At first I was uncertain: “Should do it or not?” I decided to look at the facts: “Well Elisha wants to do it, I love to paint, and she does too……… So What Am I Waiting For?!” She enrolled us in private art lessons and we began. We painted one principle a week and studied the principle, too. This experience increased my love for art.

One day our mom asked “Girls, how would you like to sell your paintings and get a website?” (My mom taught lessons on social media and website designing so we knew a lot about that!) I was overjoyed. I loved the idea! So, we began on the website and included copies of the 52 principles illustrations. I believe that our book I Love ME! is like a bigger and more advanced version of See What I Can Become, because they both teach about self-esteem. My “author’s note” on See What I Can Become explains how I want kids to believe they can do and be anything. You also read my recipe to dreams coming true.

I Love ME! teaches kids and tweens to love themselves, take care of themselves, choose wisely, have gratitude, believe in themselves, be more, and give back. I Love ME! was written by my sister and I. We made it because we want to help kids overcome low self-esteem.