Books Elisha Elyssa of WhollyART authors of I Love ME book Self Esteem in Seven Easy StepsI Love ME! –  Prostějov The Book’s Journey:

Our mom has always taught us to love ourselves and choose wisely. She has encouraged us to read personal development books, and taught us (time and time again) that we don’t have to be pretty, what matters is that we know our true self-worth and that we are spiritually educated (yes, she is that smart).

Because of our love for writing and helping others, we decided to write a book about self-esteem. We co-authored I Love ME!, a book that will change the lives of many kids and tweens who suffer badly from low self-esteem.

I love me book by sisters Elisha and Elyssa First thing we did: we went to the library and did A LOT of research. We borrowed over 100 books all on topics that have to do with self-esteem! (Seriously, we’re not joking). So, combining our passion and the research we needed for the book… Wait! What did you say? Oh, you guessed it! We finished writing the book and illustrations in less than 2 months!

I Love ME! Self-esteem in 7 Easy Steps teaches kids and tweens to love themselves, take care of themselves, choose the best, be grateful, gain self-belief, improve in everything they do, and give to others.

We believe this book will inspire kids be themselves and live up to their true potential and stop thinking they aren’t “good enough.” Our dream is for kids and tweens ages 7-12 to follow their hearts and be their best.

Through fun illustrations, personal stories, and practical personal insight, they will discover:

  1. Their own uniqueness and many talents so they can be empowered to dream big
  2. Why it is important to love their body and take care of it
  3. How to make choices that help them live a life with fewer regrets
  4. A fun, original, creative game to instantly find gratitude for everything and everyone
  5. Things they need to do in order to avoid falling into the bullying and victim “traps”
  6. Where and how to look for the right sources of information to keep a positive mindset
  7. How they can set themselves up for success and set a good example for others

When you purchase the book you will find the words we worked so hard to write, and you will find our beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.  We would love your feedback! I Love ME! Stories:

Chapter 1 Elisha

Chapter 2 Elyssa

Chapter 3 Elisha

Chapter 4 Elisha

Chapter 5 Elyssa

Chapter 6 Elyssa

Chapter 7 Elisha and Elyssa I Love ME! Illustrations:

Chapter 1 Elyssa

Chapter 2 Elisha

Chapter 3 Elisha and Elyssa

Chapter 4 Elyssa

Chapter 5 Elyssa

Chapter 6 Elisha

Chapter 7 Elisha

See What I Can become book by Elyssa

The Story Behind See What I Can Become:

See what I can become is  a book full of careers and their translations in English and Spanish. I originally made this book to teach children that with belief, work, and continuing effort, they can achieve great things and have any career they desire.  I  desired to encourage kids to reach for their dreams. My mom, Elayna Fernandez, inspired me to write this book, because she was an author, and also taught me the important information contained in the book. I wrote and illustrated it while in Kindergarten , and I published it when I turned seven.