Services We Offer


At WhollyART, we offer a variety of services for businesses and entrepreneurs. Take a look!

Below is a list of all the services we currently offer and our rates. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out by email for more information at 


Video Editing:

Our most popular service, video editing is perfect for you if you have pre-existing footage that you need professionally edited. On a deadline? We can have your videos edited in a matter of hours or by the end of the day with a rush fee!


Here's a list of the types of videos we've edited in the past:

  • Course modules
  • Podcast episodes
  • TEDx application videos
  • TEDx talks
  • Speaker reels
  • Short films
  • Ads
  • YouTube shorts
  • YouTube videos
  • Interviews
  • Instagram reels
  • Facebook reels
  • TikTok videos
  • LinkedIn videos



Short videos (1-15 minutes) are priced at $15.

Medium-length videos (15-35 minutes) are priced at $30.

Long videos (35-60 minutes) are priced at $45.


We also offer video editing packages for your convenience! You can purchase a package of three short-form videos for $30 and a package of 5 short-form videos for $60. If you'd like to discuss other packages, email us at