How To Make Your Mom’s Pregnancy Easy (For Both of You!)

About a month ago, I found out that I’m going to be an older sister (again!). While I’m excited for my precious new sibling to arrive, I was not expecting to witness my mom pregnant. Again.

It’s a wonderful experience seeing your mom pregnant. I mean, they are growing a human being inside of them, which is amazing (and kind of weird, too, honestly). There are also some… I wouldn’t call them downsides, but they are challenges. Especially if you’ve never been with your mom through a pregnancy.

Luckily, I can say I have. 2 whole times, and this will be the third. While I don’t remember Elyssa’s, since we’re a year and 7 days apart, I do remember when my mom was pregnant with Eliana, when I was about 10-11 years old.

This pregnancy has been a lot different. For one, it was a shock, and second, after we found out I went into a downward spiral of denial, anxiety, and depression, some of which has not quite worn off. You can read the full pregnancy story on my mom’s blog.

I am very happy for the new addition to our family. It is a little strange that there will be a 17 year age difference, (it feels bizarre to think I’m almost seventeen, I feel old), but you can bet my soul on the fact that I will love, cherish, and teach this baby how to be the most awesome person ever xD

How To Make Your Mom’s Pregnancy Easy (For Both of You!)

If your mom is also pregnant, then congrats! You’re in for, heh, quite a ride. The type of ride that always has you guessing, I’ll add. It can be rough and bumpy, but there are a few things you can do to help adjust to the changes in your mom’s pregnancy, while making it easier for her to transition through all these changes.

  • Help Out Around the House – A little bit really goes a long way. Taking care of the dishes, laundry, and basic household cleaning takes a lot of stress off of my mom’s back. I also do most of the cooking, so she doesn’t have to. If you don’t know how, then learn! These are basic life skills you’ll need for your future, so the earlier the better, right?
  • If You Have Other Siblings – Babysit! Let your poor mom take a nap. My mom doesn’t get nearly enough sleep, and I’m sure yours doesn’t, either. If you drive, be willing to pitch in and take siblings to activities and such. Driving too much isn’t that great for her pregnancy, and it is draining!
  • Listen – The mood swings are fierce when it comes to pregnancy. At times all my mom wants to do is cry, and the best thing to do is just sit and let her – listen, hug (if you’re into hugs, which I am), and be quiet. Another thing you want to listen to is cravings – if your mom wants to eat that ice cream, give it to her, please.
  • Make Them Laugh – Laughing can be the best thing for a pregnant lady, it can turn their mood around in the most amazing way. I am the classic jokester in the family, making up puns and little jokes all the time, and it really alleviates the stress my mom has on her shoulders. She has to do it all on her own, so the more I can take her mind off those worries, the happier I feel.
  • Moral Support – Saying “You got this, mom” is all they need sometimes. Give them the verbal recognition they need. Remind them to take a deep breath in and out, count with them, help them calm down. Show them the support they truly deserve, because let’s face it, they spent 9 months growing you, too, and moms keep on giving.

And that’s about it. The last word of advice I have for you is to make fun memories. Strengthen your bond with your mom and truly show her you lover her and that you are there for her. The baby will feel that love, too, and it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. Hang tight!



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