Accepting The Role You Play in Your Family

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of hard situations. It’s been difficult to feel depressed and yet have to still pick myself up and keep going. One of the things I’ve been reflecting on lately is roles we play in our family. 

To be honest, I was tempted to call this post “how being the oldest child is a curse and a blessing.” Really, it feels like a burden sometimes. And sometimes I don’t feel like what I do matters.

Whether you are the youngest, oldest, or middle child, there are difficult responsibilities we have as part of our family. It’s common to feel like what we do is insignificant. But, no matter what position you are in your family, you do matter and the role you play is important. 

Accepting The Role You Play in Your Family

I have to keep reminding myself that I am important to my family. It also helps that my mom affirms me often and appreciates what I do. It’s difficult to recognize myself, but I work hard to work with my sisters and parents, help them, support them, and keep the peace.

I’m really far from perfect, but I try my best, and that is what matters to the people I am closest to.

Oh, also, let’s be honest… families can be tough to live with sometimes! I love my mom, dad, and sisters to pieces – and we love each other so much that we get on each other’s nerves literally All. The. Time.

People have looked at our family before and said, “you are like the perfect family and everyone should look up to you,” and I just feel like shaking my head and cutting them off right there… I mean, have you seen us at home when we’re at our worst? 

Ok, I will say we get along fairly well. I’d consider Elyssa to be my best (and only true) girl friend. I tell her everything, we laugh and cry together, and I can never stay angry at her (because come on, she’s adorable, how could I be mad at someone so cute?)

Eliana is a light and joy. I will admit every now and then she bothers or annoys me, but that’s only temporary because she always somehow wins me over (even if that means her getting her way a lot of the time).

I think what I’m trying to get at here is that we all have ups and downs when it comes to our families and relationships. We all have our good and bad moments. 

It’s important to make an effort and work hard to be helpful and kind in our families. It is difficult but it is worth it. 

Sometimes I lose my cool and my temper and I have to take a moment to calm down. Some helpful things I do is go to my room, go outside, write, or do something creative to re-balance myself. Mostly when my patience wears thin it’s because I’m stressed out or worried about something. 

I encourage you to remember your worth in your family, whether you are an only child or have 6 siblings, you can make a difference and help out in your own unique way, using your talents. 


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