Lessons from The One I Wrote For You

I really loved watching The One I Wrote For You movie. It was funny, hilarious at points, sad, and joyful. This movie taught me so many lessons, I can’t even count them!

We had a lot of fun together as a family watching The One I Wrote for You. One of my favorite characters is Mickey, because he is so funny sometimes!

 I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will gladly share 6 lessons I learned from The One I Wrote For You.

  1. If You Want To Be A Good Example, then Follow Your Dreams It’s very easy to encourage other people to follow their dreams, but unless you are an active example of what you say, you will make no impact, so walk your   As Alicia says in the movie, “If you want to be a good husband, do what you love, and if you want to be a good father, follow your dreams
  2. Don’t ever let ANYONE control you, your thoughts, or actions  When you are doing what you love, it doesn’t matter what others think of you. Stop waiting for approval from others, just do it! In the movie, Ben says, “How many tweaks and compromises till you become a sellout and how many sell outs until you lose your soul?” 
  3. Learn From Past Mistakes Some people believe that burying or covering your past heals them, but in reality, it only makes it worse. When you fail, think of it as an opportunity to grow and improve yourself.  I heard a fabulous acronym for fail at a conference I attended: First Attempt In Learning I think it means that failing is learning.
  4. Never make Your Career More Important than Family Family is first. You always need to make time for the people you love. When you only think of yourself, you overlook your family. Make them your motivation . I love Blogalicious ~ Elyssa at Whollyart
  5.   When a You Say No to Changing Who you are, You’re saying YES To a bigger Opportunity  My mom likes to say, “when you say yes to something or someone, you’re saying no to something or someone else. ” For example, if you say yes to working late, you are saying no to spending time with your family. When you say yes to doing the right thing, you’re saying yes to being happy.
  6. Popular is Not necessarily Perfect  Many of us think that to be admired, liked, honored, or be a celebrity/superstar, you have to be perfect. No one has a perfect life. Tony Robbins used to be cleaning dishes in a bathtub, and Oprah got her first pair of shoes at 7 years old. No one is perfect, either. You don’t have to be slim or be a certain way to become successful or popular. You only have to be yourself.

I encourage you all to check out this amazing movie about following your dreams when it comes out on Friday, Dec 5th!

Thank you!


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