Easy Learning and Fun: Making Everyday Masterpieces

Today I want to share with you about making everyday masterpieces. Although many may think that in order to be a true artist, you have to have a variety of pencils, brushes, and fancy smanchy paints (and expensive equipment), I believe that’s just not true.

You can be a creative artist with what you have, playdoh, watercolors, finger paints, unusable makeup (stay tuned, we will be trying this), or whatever you have in mind. We are all artists, even those who have barely mastered stick figures. LOL :)

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Speaking of art, today I was trying out the Dohvinci Color Mixer, where I got to mix different colors of a Playdoh-like sticky substance design a beautiful decoration, which I can now proudly display. It was really easy to get the hang of it, and I can now make sqiggles and swirls in no time at all, and I can make heart, flower, star, and butterfly stamps.

It may look very elaborate and intricate, but it’s really simple, actually. To make it even easier for you, I want to offer 3 guidelines on making your Dohvinci masterpiece:

  • Don’t Stress, No Mess: (hey, that rhymes) Since the compound is kind of like Playdoh, there shouldn’t be much of a mess,  but just in case, put an old cloth or paper on the surface. It’ll save you the whole “I-can’t-get-this-off-my-mom’s-wooden-table” issue.
  • Right your Wrongs: If you come across a tough spot, or you put some out of the lines, or made a mistake, you can wipe it off before it dries and try again. Like the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.
  • Be Creative: You don’t have to make it perfectly like it demonstrates on the front of the box (that goes for everything). Although I like to strive for excellence, I do tend to do my own thing. Use different colors, experiment, do what my mom likes to call ‘think outside the box’.

So, yes, I was creative, I got some on my fingers, I went outside the lines, I may have done it completely different than the picture, but I had fun, expressed myself, and made an everyday masterpiece, and that’s what matters most. Also, in my opinion, it turned out wonderfully.

I encourage you to be creative, make your own masterpieces, have fun, and remember that, as my mom’s friend once said, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do need to get started to be great.” 

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How will you be making everyday masterpieces, starting now? Also, please tell me what you think about my Dohvinci art.


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