I’m A Naïf Artist and I Know It ~ and I Am Proud About It!

I love to celebrate that I’m a naïf artist and I know it and I am proud about it!

What is a naïf artist, you may ask?

Maybe you have heard of a naive, naïve, naif, or even naïf artist before. They are all the same! Since I am a naïf artist, I would be more than happy to tell you the definition.

A naif artist has no (or very little) training which means they have their own expressions and styles through their art. It CAN’T be taught because every painter has their own view of art that is completely unique from the rest of the opinions. I think this is the same with life, which makes us ALL naïf artists! Everyone has their own different view of life and their own view on everything, as a matter of a fact.

It is very funny that naïf artist used to be seen as clumsy, awkward and/or lacking painting skills and they are now seen as “spontaneous artmakers”, arranged, and special.

A very talented naïf artist is Grandma (Anna Mary Robertson) Moses. She started with embroidery and, because of the pains of arthritis, she began to paint at age 80, as it was easier than a needle.

Grandma Moses Painting On The Hillside

She was presented many awards, such as being awarded the Women’s National Press Club Trophy by President Harry S. Truman in 1949 because of her “outstanding accomplishmemt in art”, being on the Life magazine celebrating her 100th birthday, was named the 1951 “Woman of the Year” by the National Association of House Dress Manufacturers, and there was even a 1965 U.S. postage stamp in her honor!

This is my favorite quote stated by this powerful Christian lady:

I didn’t have an opportunity to study art… but if a thing seems right to me, I do it. Art is like the Bible. Everyone reads the Bible and has a different opinion. Everyone looks at pictures and has a different opinion, so I go on my own. I don’t know much about perspective and things like that, but I paint because I like to and I know what I want to paint.

This taught me to seek your passion. It doesn’t matter if people think you are clumsy or unexperienced, go and do it because you like to and know what you want to paint in your own life. Be yourself! Remember these wise words: Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)


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