Speaking at Dream Angels ~ Dream, Imagine, Believe!

Backforwarding to the past, we were at the Today’s Innovative Woman Success Summit in Dallas, TX, where we live, and we met so many amazing people, including Coretta Turner.

Coretta is an expert on teaching kids public and professional speaking. We told her about “I Love ME!” and about WhollyART, and she was very excited for us. Later on, we started our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and she shared it with Lisa Randolph, a mentor from the Dream Angels non-profit organization.

We started having meetings with her and after some preparation, she invited us to speak to the girls in the Dream Angels mentorship program.

On December 14th, 2013, we were speaking at Dream Angels ~ Dream, Imagine, Believe! I am truly honored that I was able to speak to this amazing group of 65 3rd grade – 12th grade girls about focus and determination!

Here is my definition of determination:Speaking at Dream Angels ~ Dream, Imagine, Believe!

Determination is being persistent and achieving something no matter what positive actions it takes, even when others believe you can’t or when you are in a hard situation. You need to be determined, willing to overcome any challenges, and passionate about your goal, so you can achieve it.

My favorite part of speaking to the girls was to see how excited they were when we handed out 3 I Love ME! coloring pages, when we passed out the goal cards, and when we read the I Love ME! Pledge together. When we were all reading the pledge I felt so much positive energy from all their voices, like they really understand and that they believe in it.

I believe that speaking is a deeper level of connecting. You share your message, and they get to ask questions about anything! When you answer their questions, they know you care.

I was very inspired about all the intelligent questions we were asked! Those girls were really involved and asked mature questions like how to start a business, and how to write a book. I believe that they will do amazing things in the near future!

I encourage you to be determined!





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