GO FOR IT! ~ My Acronym for “The Lemonade Stand Millionaire”

Since I am a book LOVER, of course I thought “The Lemonade Stand Millionaire” was AMAZING! I loved the silly cartoons, Caitlyn and Ashley’s Bunnyville story, and the many other business stories from kids nationwide!


My mom became a single mom when my sister and I were 1 and 2, so Gail’s story was no different. Yes, we had our struggles, but in the end, we can look back triumphantly to say we lived it!

To sum up this breath-taking book, I have just pulled out an acronym out of my head and I am proud to present GO FOR IT! ~ my acronym for “The Lemonade Stand Millionaire”:

Get Started ~ Goals!

If you are interested in making money, or possibly running your own business, please get out a piece of paper and literally write down everything you do during the day. Now, write down your goal or dream. Ask yourself: “What do I do daily to live my dream?” I encourage you to start taking actions that support living your dream and asking yourself this question every night, and you will (hopefully) start seeing some results.

Own your Life and Situation.

We all have gloomy days, don’t we? Even another person’s behavior can make our hairs stand on an end. If we keep going through this routine, we can’t be resourceful or even successful when we are angry or sad. It is humanly impossible. That means we need to ask ourselves what we CAN do to improve the situation instead of moping around because of things we can’t change. Just like Sean Covey said: “We can’t control everything that happens to us. We can’t control the color of our skin, for example. But there is one thing we can control, however. That is how we respond to what happens to us. If we spend our time and energy on things we can’t control, we become victims.”


One letter truly does change a lot! Embrace when you fall and make mistakes, but remember to learn from them! Don’t forget to aim for the best, but when you fall don’t confuse it with failing. When you fail, you basically give up. Don’t give up hope yet!

Never Too Old Too Help!

Our family has never believed in giving “allowance”, as most parents and kids usually do. My sister and I love to help, naturally. We love to help out around the house because our mom has always proved a point in telling us that it is a privilege to be able to clean up our toys, because many children don’t have even one, and of course they don’t have any place to put them either. We also believe that there can be excellence in all things, so when we have done a poor (notice I did NOT say bad) job making our bed, our mom gently reminds us that she wants us to do a great job, then demonstrates how, and messes it all up so we can try on our own. Afterwards she gives us a hug and good praise (our version of allowance). Win-Win!

Rich Definition?

What do you think rich people are like? What does being rich mean to you? Our mom has made sure to ask us these questions, as well. At the beginning, I thought rich people were mean, selfish, and rude. My mom told me then and there that there can be 2 different types of rich people: Giving and Selfish. She gave me a sheet of paper called: Old Money Beliefs and I filled it out. Then I was instructed to crumple it and throw it out. I filled out a new form called: New Money Beliefs. Now take a few minutes to write your old and new money beliefs and you will be astonished.

Information: Learn ALL about it!

You can learn everything you’ve ever needed or wanted to know from one source of information: B – O – O – K – S!!! I am literally a bookworm! If you ever find me in my free time I will be doing one of the following: reading, painting, or drawing. (You should seriously see the stack of at least 50 books I get from the library.) From reading books, you can learn everything you need to know about business management and finances. Be my guest and start READING!

Thinking Habits

When you are thinking: “We can’t afford _” or “We can’t do _ right now”, you have no chance for reaching your dreams in a scarcity mindset. Instead of thinking “You can’t buy that” switch it to “Wow, that is a great-looking toy! How can you earn X amount of money to buy it?” Welcome to thinking with an ABUNDANT mindset, my friend! To better live your dream you should also get rid of those meaningless conversations you always have in your head. They make you frustrated, lead you nowhere, and get you in trouble. “Be positive and you will be powerful.” (That’s my mom, by the way.)

I recommend this book especially for kids to read on their own. Who knows? You might be inspired to become a kidpreneur, too.






  1. Gail Haynes on November 15, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    I am so honored to have this book review written by such an incredible young lady. So many powerful positive insights that she received from the book. Congratulations mom for encouraging your kids to follow their dreams. And congratulations to both young ladies for doing such an amazing job with your book and when you connect with people. I look forward to hearing more and more about your success

  2. Shanika L. on January 5, 2014 at 11:29 am

    This is amazing. I will definitely be coming back for more and will check out the book. Thank you girls!

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