What I Learned From “MaxNificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees”

“MaxNificent!” is a charming story about a dog who gets a haircut, only to find out he has spots underneath what used to be his dazzling, white Pyrenees coat!

I would love to share what I learned from “MaxNificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees”!

1. We all have our own “spots” that make us special.       What I Learned From "MaxNificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees"                                  Instead of criticizing our differences, we should always embrace what makes us unique. That is how children are, they are colorblind. They don’t care about race, color of skin, or gender. As they grow older, things start to change because of what their parents believe. I don’t believe in leaving others out just because they are different! To understand this more, I want you to watch Tan Hong Ming’s story: http://youtu.be/Am4vb0X8tEg

2. Don’t try to please others.                                                                                       When Max first finds out about his polka dots, he is horrified and can only think about what his friends’ opinions will be, so he does the best he can do to hide his spots. When you try to hide your differences, people can see right through your insecurities. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and you will be MaxNificent!

3. Pyrenees dogs have an interesting history!                                                               The name is pronounced “peer-in-knees”. They date back to the 1600s where they were bred to guard flocks of sheep. By nature they are territorial guards and actually, nocturnal! Close relatives include the Maremma Sheepdog, Hungarian Kuvasz dog, Akbash dog, Polish Trata dog, and less closely to the Newfoundland dog and the St. Bernard. 

I had the pleasure to also meet Dianne Burch, the author, at Author 101 University. She sent us the book, as well as a fun word search and a bookmark. My sister and I are delighted to know that Max (and his friends) are real dogs that were adopted.

I recommend this book to all the dog (and cat) lovers in the world! I encourage you to buy the book at the website: worldofpawsabilities.com and read the blog!





  1. Dianne Burch on November 23, 2013 at 5:37 am

    Another excellent and intelligent review. I learn new information as I read your post. Your research and references to related information on similar topics is wonderful. Thank you, Elisha!

    This is what I commented when I shared the post with my MaxNificent! Facebook page: (before I knew you each were doing separate reviews)
    We have a new review to share with you. I encourage you to read it – not because it says wonderful things about our book (which it does), but because the review was written by an amazing 11 year old likely with input from her equally amazing 10 year old sister. These two young ladies are a shining example of the intelligence our children have to offer when encouraged to share their thoughts confidently. If you have young children, you might want to check out their blog and share it together: https://www.whollyart.com.

    Thank you, Thank you, Elyssa! and Elisha! Michael and I both enjoyed reading your review of MaxNificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees. We are happy that you enjoyed the book and find it inspiring for others to read.

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