Hide and Seek No Ticks Please ~ Book Review


I really enjoyed reading Hide and seek no ticks please!  I especially like how the author, Dr. Nancy Fox, captures children’s interest with a story at the beginning. It was very fun to read the fact filled rhyme she wrote about ticks. I have actually met Dr. Nancy Fox , and she is a very kind person.

The illustrations were very vivid, colorful, and real. They were also very descriptive. The illustrations went along smoothly with each paragraph. We are illustrators, too!

 I am glad that she put an important call to action for kids to tell an adult whenever they find a tick. The book also included helpful tips to prevent ticks, for example:

  1. wearing tick preventive clothing like long sleeve shirts and long pants.
  2. to stay in sunny, hot, and dry places, and
  3. using tick repellent

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to protect their child from ticks in an entertaining, child-friendly way. Thank you Dr. Nancy Fox! I will be using this book!



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