3 Things I Learned From “Jack the Cat ~ An Angel’s Tale”

As a vegan, I now have a very special and intimate relationship with all animals. I personally believe that an animal feels 100% of everything. Animals can feel pain, sorrow, and also happiness and love.

3 Things I Learned From "Jack the Cat ~ An Angel's Tale"

Jack the Cat” not only made me cry (a lot), but it also made me laugh and reflect on the┬ámessage. I love the lesson of loyalty and friendship as well as the lesson of not trusting everyone you meet right away.

Especially in this age, more and more people are mistreating God’s creation. The best thing to do is to teach others about how animals have feelings and how we can only reap the true benefits of this earth if we take care of it.

I want to share 3 things I learned from “Jack the Cat ~ An Angel’s Tale”:

1. Loyalty:

I learned that we should have loyalty for our friends and family. The secret to success in relationships is being kind and being there in times of need, like Jack was there for Murphy (and vice versa).

2. Trust:

Even though there are many not-so-nice people in this world, we should learn to trust others a little easier. Who knows, we may even make some long-lasting friendships! What I’m trying to say here is that even thought we can (and should) still watch out for people who may hurt us, we could be willingly open to give and love freely again.

3. Loving God’s Creatures:

God put Adam and Eve on this Earth and then instructed them to take care of his animals. God loves all animals as much as He loves us, and that is why he trusted US to take care of them. Like it says in the commandments: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. This means loving humans AND animals.

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of this book at Author 101 University, October 2013, in Las Vegas.

Bradlee Snow is a very creative woman and lives with her husband (and 4 cats!) in Southern California. I can tell she has loved animals all her life. (And yes, in case you were wondering, Jack really IS a real cat!)

Closing off, I want to encourage you to buy a copy and see the world through a cat’s eyes, if you really want to know what I mean.



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