The True Reason Of Christmas

Christ is the true meaning of Christmas

Christ is the true meaning of Christmas

In these days, many people are making imitations for the true reason of Christmas. Some are: Santa, reindeer, candy, and presents. People have forgotten the true reason of Christmas is Jesus Christ.

This holiday was even named after him! I do not think even a holiday is enough to repay Him for His sacrifice.  

“Finding the real joy of Christmas comes not in the hurrying and the scurrying to get more done. We find the real joy of Christmas when we make the Savior the focus of the season.” ~ Thomas S. Monson

He came to earth, healed the sick, taught great things,  gave us life and even died unjustly, for whom? You and me! Everyone!

He has done everything to make us happy. Why not give him one holiday? Just to celebrate His birth, His life, the love He has for us ……. enough love to die on a cross for us, imperfect and sinful us.  

I ask you, please, instead of focusing on Christmas shopping focus on Christmas stopping.

What do I mean?  Stop all the hustling and bustling around the stores to get “the best presents” or a “once-in-a-lifetime-deal”. Stop thinking about the presents you’ll get and think about the ones you want to give.

Instead, stop to think about Jesus Christ and how he died ….. for you! Jesus Christ died for you.

So how can you be prepared for Christmas?                                                             Give as the Savior gave. Give gifts of  compassion, service, friendship, of kindness and gentleness.

  • Say all the kind words that were left unsaid
  • Help those who need help
  • Comfort those who mourn
  • Spend valued time with your family
  • Give cards to those who need cheering up …… give the true gifts of Christmas.

Act Christ-like this Christmas.

Forget imitations. Focus on the real meaning…….. Our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.


 “May we all make the journey to Bethlehem in spirit, taking with us a tender, caring heart as our gift to the savior” ~ Thomas S. Monson

Have a most merry Christ-centered Christmas!



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