The Epiphany DanceArts Performance Christmas Memories

On Saturday 21st, December 2013,our good friend Lisa Randolph invited my mom, Elayna, my older sister, Elisha, and I to the Epiphany DanceArts performance of Christmas memories at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX.

Epiphany DanceArts Collage

The Christmas Memories performance was spectacular. The dancers are so graceful at ballet. When you look at them you truly feel all their emotion.

Through their performance, they taught me about how Christmas can be about different emotions, like loss and sorrow, and joy. It taught me that even through sorrow, grief, and loss, we can find hope. I also learned from this performance that Christmas is about reflecting on our year and how we can get better, but I learned that most of all, at Christmas time is about reflecting on Christ.

One of my favorite parts was when we got to actually meet the dancers. They are so beautiful.  Each one of them played such a unique and important part in the performance. They all signed our programs, too!  I love them all. I want to let them know that they all did such a wonderful job.

Meeting Melissa DeGroat the founder & artistic director of Epiphany DanceArts was absolutely wonderful! Melissa DeGroat was so cheery and loving. This non-profit organization that she put together is just amazing. Melissa, thank you!

This performance uwrapped the true beauty of Christmas. I hope you may see the true beauty of this Christmas.


P.S. If I can remember correctly, I believe you can find the true beauty of Christmas somwhere around the left side of your chest. (Your heart)

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