OfficeMax / OfficeDepot and The I Love ME! Book Signing

My mom, my dad, Elyssa, and I have been relying on OfficeMax for office supplies, homeschooling supplies, and printing services for so long, it is almost like a second home to us!

Since OfficeMax is like family, it was a natural decision for us to partner with them to help kids improve their self-esteem. OfficeMax has been supporting us for at least a year now. They have printed many amazing products that our mom and dad have designed for us:

  • WhollyART business cards
  • I Love ME! sign up sheets
  • I Love ME! coloring pages-  that you can download on our FREE Activities page
  • an I Love ME! Banner
  • and I Love ME! Pledges. (If you haven’t already, SIGN UP to our blog to get your very own downloadable I Love ME! pledge.)

OfficeMax / OfficeDepot and The I Love ME! Book Signing

We also love OfficeMax because of the kindness each worker demonstrates to make sure you have a good experience. In the I Love ME! acknowledgements page, we mention one of our OfficeMax friends, Pam, manager of the former Irving store. She’s always very nice and giving. We had lots of fun baking cookies for her! She loved them so much that she shared with her employees. :)

Our friend, Theresa, the manager at OfficeMax Lewisville, is also really wonderful! She is very active in serving the community and being kind. We always look forward to giving her a hug when we visit!

We are very grateful to OfficeMax for making our I Love ME! book signing a success! All the kids at the book signing enjoyed the free I Love ME! Pledge and everyone oohed and aahed over the banner. We pre-sold hundreds of books and they provided a cover letter for us and even the envelopes to mail those books!

My favorite part was being able to encourage a 17 year old to follow and pursue her dreams and passions and write her book! I loved sharing our mission of teaching kids to be happy, successful, and bully-proof with others. You can see more pictures of our book signing on our WhollyART Facebook Page.

We are sure that you will enjoy your OfficeMax experience, and that the kind and thoughtful words the employees have to offer will warm and melt your heart.

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