How we Bully Ourselves with Our Words and What We can Do about It

Many kids (and adults) all the over the world bully themselves with negative self-talk.

What is negative self-talk? It is that little voice in your head that’s always discouraging you.

It is always making up excuses on why you cannot do something.

Some of the ways how we bully ourselves are:

  • I’m too….(big, small, ext.)

  • I’m not old/young enough

  • I’m not as cool or as pretty as everyone else

And the list goes on…..

Negative self talk

What have you been procrastinating because of negative self-talk?

Maybe it is trying out for the new cheer-leading squad, or that soccer team you want to be a part of, or even a business you want to create.

Whatever it is, it is not any circumstance that is stopping you. The big obstacle is, well, you. You are the one who’s afraid of getting rejected so you are sabotaging your own efforts because of fear.

Have you ever heard of the saying “to get out of your own way”? That is what you need to do. But how?

I will tell you how in 5 easy steps:

1. Focus On Why You Can Instead Of Why You Can’t

If you focus on why you cannot, there’s a big difference. You become discouraged and may not even do what you were planning.

2. Catch yourself Being Negative and Turn It Around

Example: “I am not really good at dribbling in basketball” Vs. “If I work on it, I will become better at dribbling.”

3. Now, Catch yourself Doing Something that Everyone admires You For

What do people admire you for? (Remember this has to be something good.) Put it in your “self-esteem bucket.”  BTW, your self-esteem bucket is a little booklet you can keep to record good things that have happened, good things about you, or good things you have done that day.

4. Ask your Friends & Family what They Like about You 

Ask friends, family, and other peers what they love about you and what they think makes you special and put it in the “self-esteem bucket.”

5. Make it A Habit to Think Good things About Yourself

Make sure it is a constant ritual of yours to think good thoughts about others, and much more importantly, yourself.

The sooner we start, the more we will not have to catch ourselves bullying ourselves.

Our book, I Love ME!, also has many more steps to love yourself and be bully-proof. 


Have a great week!


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