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Elisha is a 17 year-old homeschool graduate, and a passionate best-selling author, artist, musician, entrepreneur, and speaker. Elisha lives in Fort Worth, TX with her family. After being bullied in school, she decided to share her story. She wrote I Love ME! with her sister, Elyssa, at age ten because she loves helping other teens become bullyproof, love themselves, and be the best they can be. She is passionate about helping teens make a difference through her writings, drawings, music, and workshops.

Elisha is passionate about helping teens and kids achieve the confidence they want, build lasting friendships, and be happy. Her goal is to stop bullying and foster a deep sense of self love among the youth of today.

Elisha loves speaking to youth organizations, groups of teens and kids in school, and also to parents and educators.. She considers the teens and kids she speaks to her friends more than an audience and uses her years of experience and her impacting stories to relate to their struggles on a one on one personal level.

Teens and kids will leave her workshops and keynotes feeling empowered, happier, and inspired to make a positive impact in their schools, homes, and communities. Elisha believes every teen, every child, deserves the right to a happy, healthy life while loving who they are and becoming a better person. Elisha has 3 speaking topics:

1 – Keeping Youth Safe In the Changing World of Technology

In the ever-changing world of technology, it’s a growing concern among teens on how to keep safe from the dangers in cyberspace. Elisha and Elyssa teach practical ways they can keep kids and teens safe while giving them freedom to be tech savvy and do what they love online. Teens will learn:

  • How to keep safe online yet still have fun
  • How to protect themselves against cyber bullying
  • How to be good online citizens

2 – I Love ME! Self-Esteem in 7 Easy Steps

In this interactive, hands-on, and fun-filled workshop, kids and teens will learn:

  • Our Story: The Reason Behind the Message of “I Love ME!”
  • The 7 Steps to Having higher Self-Esteem: I Am Loved, I Take Care of ME, I Choose Well, I Am Grateful, I Believe in ME, I Can Be More, and I Give Back
  • How to Love Yourself so you can Love Others More Fully
  • How to Be Bully-proof, and not pay attention to the Naysayers

3 – What’s Wrong With Me? A Heart-to-heart Talk about Comparison and Self-LoveIn this up close and personal chat, Elisha will talk to teens about how they can show more compassion to themselves and find acceptance for who they are. Teens will learn:

  • Helpful Ways to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety
  • What their purpose and passions in this life are
  • How to forgive themselves and let go

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