Some Things in Life Happen Inexplicably

It’s the end of Summer and beginning of a new school year. Already?! How is that possible? It feels like the past few months have been flying by! It’s been an incredibly fun summer, but also… emotional, for me, at least. I’ve done a lot of self-discovery and thinking about the past, present, and future. So…. lots of tears (both sad and happy LOL).

I’ve also done a lot of family bonding – with my sisters and mom. We’ve had a lot of time together to laugh, talk, and build our relationships. It’s really allowed me to reflect on how many blessings I have – there are so many people in the world who don’t get to enjoy even the simplest of liberties.

Some Things In Life Happen Inexplicably

With that said, I’ve also had to deal with some difficult challenges and situations this summer. I’ve gotten depressed (a lot) and we are currently going through some tough things. But, things will get better. I have faith that I can grow through it and learn. 

I’ve gotten to writing lately, and I wrote a poem inspired by those tough moments. It’s called “Inexplicably” and my whole point in writing it is that sometimes we don’t have explanations for the things that happen in our lives – but we can continue on and be strong. Here it is for you to enjoy:


The bliss in your face
When a loving embrace
Enfolds you in simple grace

When your heart is at war
And the peace that you stored,
A gnawing you can’t ignore
Carefully, still,
When tears fall, they will
Bring back the moments that kill

It’s inexplicable
How much hurt
How much joy
Can exist in just one life

It’s inexplicable
The mem’ries you have
The ones that will last

It breaks and it binds
You get lost, you’ll find
You were there all along
In your heart lies the song
That will wake you up

Wounds that have opened
Lessons you’ve learned
Tokens you’ve broken
Honors you’ve earned

Through it all remains
The promise of pain
Yet assurance of healing
Can still break the chains

You don’t have to hold in
You don’t have to forget
Grow and move on
From the things you regret

After all, we’re still human,
With nothing to lose
Even when you close your soul
You’re bound to get bruised

It’s inexplicable
To forgive
To renounce
To let it be

It’s inexplicable
The freedom you’ll get
When all that is left
Is yourself, and reflect –
On all that you are
All that you can be
You’re small, but you’re mighty

No matter where you go
Or what you’ll find
The frailty of hope, the brilliancy
It all ends…



I will admit my eyes watered a bit while writing it. Having a healthy way for me to cope with difficulties is so rewarding. Writing is my main outlet, but drawing, singing, and playing the piano or guitar relax me, when I can’t express myself in another way. I encourage you to also find something you love to do that will give you peace and happiness.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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