How To Write Poetry: 7 Creative Poem Prompts to Get You Started

7 Creative Poem Prompts

As exam season gets closer and closer, we probably find ourselves busy, overwhelmed, and even burnt out! It can be really difficult to be creative: especially when you get absorbed in assignments, meetings with teachers and classmates, clubs, and other extracurriculars. I feel so tired and exhausted that I don’t feel like having fun, because…

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3 Easy Stress and Anxiety Coping Skills Worksheets for Teens (Free PDFs)

3 Easy Stress and Anxiety Coping Skills Worksheets for Teens

Happy new school year!  As we begin another year of routine, homework, and change, a lot of big emotions can start to surface—excitement and joy, but you could also be feeling nervous…or maybe even experiencing anxiety.  I’m in my senior year (it’s crazy how time flies) and the responsibilities, assignments, and interacting with people is…

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How We Got Clarity on the Teens We Want to Help

We have always had a passion for helping others. When we started WhollyART together at ages 9 and 10, we had no idea it would grow to become one of our most special purposes in life to bring whole, positive, and fun content to teens and kids. As we have grown, our blog and platforms…

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What You’ll Love about Dear Evan Hansen Dallas

So Elisha and I went to see Dear Evan Hansen at Dallas Summer Musicals! It was absolutely incredible. It’s always such a pleasure to see any musical, but especially when it’s one haven’t seen before! Dear Evan Hansen is the winner of SIX 2017 Tony Awards®, including Best Musical, and it has countless glowing reviews.…

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How to Improve your ACT Scores and Feel Confident

How to Improve your ACT Scores and Feel Confident - Huntington Learning Center Fort Worth

As a recent homeschooling high school graduate, I honestly thought high school was one of the most difficult things I had to conquer. After graduating and dotting my i’s and crossing t’s, so to speak, I then realized the challenge of preparing for college was upon me. Hello, applications, deadlines, essays, and the nearing future! It…

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Enjoying an Evening With The Best of Broadway

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be in the same room as Broadway legends? Yesterday, we had the opportunity to do just that! Dallas Summer Musicals invited us to a spectacular concert with the best of Broadway’s performers, to enjoy music, company, and a celebration of young people performing in the arts. We’ll each be taking…

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How to Make Your Performances Amazing – YASE Workshop 2019

A few weeks ago, I had my first trip all by myself! I spent a little over a week in Utah, at the BYU Young Ambassador Singing Entertainers’ Workshop. The camp was from July 8th-13th. I was pretty nervous about being all by myself, but it ended up being a wonderful experience I love singing,…

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