3 types of safety kids need to know about

So many horrible things happen to kids and teens because they have not been taught the importance of simple rules like, “Always buckle your seatbelt” or, “Never share personal information.” I am going to share 3 types of safety kids need to know about.

3 types of safety kids need to know about ~ Elyssa at Whollyart


1. Vehicle Safety

I was surprised to find out that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children of every age from 2 to 14 years old. Did you know that one in three children killed in crashes in 2011 were not buckled up? Fortunately, these deaths and injuries can be prevented by following a few simple rules:

  • Always wear your seatbelt!
  • Don’t share seat belts.
  • Never ride on laps or pickup truck beds.
  • Always wear pads when riding your bike, skateboard, or scooter.
  • Refuse to go in the front seat until you are 12 years old or older.
  • (For parents: always follow manufacturer’s rules! They made the product, anyway, so they know what they’re talking about.)

2. Household Safety

You may not know it, but there are dangers in your home, like medicines that are only for adults, or rat poisoning. I recently had an experience with this. I was helping clean the house just before the Christmas. I wanted to polish our stainless steel to make it look it shiny. I took out the spray and looked at the back. It read: “May cause…irritation, and may effect the central nervous system causing dizziness, nausea, or headache. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents by be harmful or even fatal” Wow, was I glad that I read that! I never touched that bottle again! Now, here’s my list of household rules:

  • Don’t touch, eat, or even smell anything if you don’t know what it is
  • Don’t go to online sites unless your parents are okay with it.
  • Never meet someone without adult supervision
  • Always ask before opening the door or picking up the phone.
  • Don’t ever be alone for long periods of time.
  • Never share personal information! (This includes sharing your full name, a photo of yourself, where you live, where you go to school, etc.)

    3. Playground, Sports, and School Safety

    When you are in public places where other people go, you’re at the most risk. That’s when you have to remember how to be safe the most. I have had a personal experience with this. I belong to a church choir, since I adore singing. My choir teacher, (let’s call her Sarah,) never ever leaves the building until every one of the choir members goes home. She says she does this so that we are all safe. Here are some tips to keep safe in public areas:

    • Don’t ever allow anyone, even a trusted friend or adult, besides your parent be alone with you.
    • Avoid going to a park, school, or any other place alone. Ask a trusted adult or friends to accompany you.
    • Ask your parents to tell you important information like their phone number and write it on an index card to put in your pocket in case of an  emergency.
    • Never go near the road.
    • If someone known or unknown asks you to do something that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable, alert a trusted adult at once.
    • Check for things that could harm you, like splinters, rough edges on wood, or sharp pieces of metal.

      Thank you for reading! Please remember these tips and help others understand the importance of safety, too!

       What do you do to keep yourself safe?


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