My Experience at Author 101 University

Elisha and Elyssa WhollyART speak at Author 101

My Experience At Author 101: Day 1 :
I am very excited to go and meet new people, do new things, and learn new things. As I got ready I could only think “The First Day of Author 101! I can’t wait!” I walked out the door of our hotel room and down the stairs happily.
My parents checked us in. I walked inside.  Then, Audrey Hagen, our friend and mentor, hugged us and surprised us: we had our own booth! (This is usually a lot of money…and worth it!) She was THE ONE who asked Rick Frishman to let us speak at Author 101, because we committed ourselves to finishing the book by July at Roberto Candelaria’s event Sponsorship Bootcamp {Roberto is another friend and mentor} , and thankfully, we did!

Later that day, we heard a lot from speakers: the beautiful ladies Laura Atchison and Sandra Champlain who spoke about their journey on writing their books, and the amazing Brendon Burchard who spoke about his journey through the accident, and how it changed his and how if you have a purpose, you can work harder for your purpose.

We had lunch mmmm… it was so yummy! I had lo- mein, vegetables and rice, fruit, apple juice, fries, and strawberry gelato (vegan!). Great buffet! You should really go to JW Marriott, sometime!

When we got back to the Author 101 room, we continued listening to Wendy Lipton Dibner who spoke about how “One book in the right hands can make a big difference“, Cynthia Kersey talked about reconnecting with your vision…and the day was done. When we got to the room, the bed was very comfy. I was so tired I passed out.

My Experience At Author 101: Day Two:
We got up super early so we could go “Meet The Agents.” We met David Hancock (THE founder of Morgan James Publishing), Bruce Barbour, and Lisa Cerasoli.

Then we listened to Alex Carrol, who talked about Radio Publicity, Scott Hoffman, and Tom Antion, and took lots of notes! Tom Antion is a big supporter and super knowledgeable in Internet Marketing. Plus, he is funny!

We had a wonderful in~room lunch of vegan Pizza and wraps awaiting us. Mom’s
Treat! The JW Marriott is a great resort!

After lunch, we listened to Starley Murray, expert in Image Branding,  Wendy Lipton Dibner, talked about Author’s ATM, and David Hancock (Morgan James) share even more with us and made some of us cry with his tribute to our friend Jay Conrad Levinson. Then we went to rest in our room until the Reception Party. We then went to the VIP party. I ate two plates of pasta, one salad, and one glass of pineapple juice. We talked with a few friends, and left. Trust me, you have to select the VIP ticket! You can make the BEST connections, privately! At these parties, they have T-I-M-E for you!

My Experience At Author 101: Day 3:
We slept in. Then we prepared for our interview for the last time. We went to the POOL… it was so fun! We went inside the event room, it was almost our turn! First, we needed
our hair done. L.A. wonderfully did our hair. Then, Starley Murray  put some very very very very light blush and Starley balm on us. We were ready to go ! Then the time came…. WE SPOKE AT Author 101!! We didn’t say it exactly as planned but we were bombarded
with people who really liked the interview !! Then it ended. I felt a little emptiness. It was done. What could I do? I decided: LET’S DO IT AGAIN! SEE ME AT THE MARCH Author 101!



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