How to write a book in LESS than two months

Writing a book in less than two months is not easy. It requires a lot of passion and dedication.

Roberto Candelaria is one of our mentors  and a Sponsorship expert. At his event, Sponsorship Bootcamp, we told a lot of people about our book. Audrey Hagen, the best event planner EVER, asked us if we would finish our book by July and said in return, she would let us speak at Author 101. We compromised to finishing the book by July, and thankfully, we did!

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My sister and I wrote our book from around June 3rd to July 19th. You have to think about things that require time and effort before deciding and also not let anything get in the way.         
Before saying yes to a deadline, make sure no matter what to be committed  to giving the book all your time, wisdom, and strength. Making a book is no joke, especially making one in such little amount of time.

You should work on your book at least a chapter a day. If that is not too convenient, try doing half a chapter a day.

Many people get distracted easily while doing this. A recommendation I have for that is a little strategy I call “Blocking Everything“. Here’s how that works. Well you know Facebook? You block people you don’t like. So close your eyes, and imagine a computer. Imagine the  image of a thing that distracts you in the profile picture. You click options. You see it. “BLOCK”. You click, and tah-dah!!!   8-O You’ve blocked it! (Try imagining the sound it makes fading, too.)

Here’s another one: Imagine your screen. It has the image of a thing that distracts you on it. Imagine your hand,  stretching across the keyboard to delete. Click! It’s gone!! 
How easy is that? Make sure to use it! I hope “How to write a book in LESS than two months” helps you!

Happy writing this month! 

P.S. Remember to send me that PDF! 
(Just Kidding!!!!)   :lol:  

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