Embracing Your Muchness in The Madness

Sometimes, we ask ourselves the question “Who Am I?” We all question who we are and what we stand for at one time or another, but it is up to us to either lose ourselves in those experiences or find ourselves and who we are meant to be in those moments of madness and darkness.

In the movie Alice in Wonderland [2010], the Mad Hatter says to Alice:

“You used to be much more ‘muchier’. You’ve lost your muchness.”

Embrace Your Muchness In The Madness ~ Alice Through The Looking Glass ~ The Mad Hatter

Your “muchness” is what makes you, you! It is those qualities we have that are unique and invaluable, and that sometimes make us feel different and even “weird.” Sometimes these feelings of isolation, and being different lead us to bury our muchness deep inside, and lose it for a while. 

In the new family fantasy feature, Alice Through The Looking Glass (which we went to see in the movie theater last night), one of the main themes is that in the middle of turmoil and life’s disasters, the one thing you can always find, and that no one can take away from you is your own muchness.

Whenever you feel like you’re alone, or when you feel like your Wonderland is falling apart, like Alice does in the film, you can always have the strength to be yourself and choose the harder instead of the easier route. Even though embracing your muchness in the madness isn’t the easy-breezy path, it is the most rewarding.

Embracing your muchness in the madness is letting yourself be your best self. It helps you succeed in all areas of life. I used to be completely insecure about my muchness, and let others and myself question it, but when I started seeing how valuable and beautiful being myself is, my perspective of the world changed.

When you embrace who you truly are, you become who you are truly meant to be. You become “THE” version of yourself, like how Alice reaches her fullest potential in the movie. 

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Another part of accepting your muchness is acknowledging your past, and not running from it. This is one of the main lessons in the movie, especially with the White Queen and the Red Queen (no spoilers.. you’ll see it in the film!). When we make mistakes and make the wrong choices for the wrong reasons, running from our mistakes and avoiding them doesn’t help us. It makes greater wounds inside.

Even though we’d rather ignore the fact, it’s true that our mistakes and flaws are part of our muchness, too. Sometimes we wish we could change the past, but as the character Time, himself, says. “You can’t change the past, but you might learn something from it.” Our past mistakes have helped us become who we are today. When you accept, forgive, and acknowledge the imperfections you have, you are fully embracing who you are. We cannot be perfect, no matter how hard we try.

Embrace Your Muchness In The Madness ~ Alice Through The Looking Glass ~ Time

This part of embracing your muchness – forgiving yourself – is something I have struggled with for a long time. But I think it is one of the most powerful things you can do to embrace yourself. Anyone can embrace the perfect, but it takes immeasurable courage to embrace the flawed part of your muchness.

To sum things up, when you embrace your muchness, you take on the belief that you can achieve the impossible and tackle any obstacle in life. Embrace your muchness in the middle of whatever obstacles or darkness are in your way!

With that, I encourage you to watch Alice Through The Looking Glass with your family and also to read the classic Lewis Carroll books. They both share many lessons that are valuable in your life and will add much to your “muchness”. How are you embracing your muchness in the madness?


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