20 ways you can be a good citizen now!

Whether we live in the United States or the United Kingdom, we are citizens of the country we live in.

What is a citizen? Google’s definition of a citizen is a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, or an inhabitant of a particular town or city. We, as citizens, are expected to help the community, and to prevent destruction. This means following the law, not loitering, and keeping neighbors happy. Everyone respects citizens that do their duty.  

As Paul Collier, a Professor at Oxford University, so eloquently states, “You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities.”

Blythe Danner, a very popular American actress, explains what these responsibilities are. She says: “We all have an obligation as citizens of this earth to leave the world a healthier, cleaner, and better place for our children and future generations.” 

 Here are twenty ways you can be a good citizen now:

  1. Volunteer to pick up trash, plant new trees, and do other things to help the environment
  2. Donate to the local animal shelter
  3. Help out people at a homeless shelter
  4. Donate unused or gently used books, toys, etc.
  5. Follow the laws of your country
  6. Be a good example to everyone
  7. Avoid smoking or drinking and taking drugs and encourage other people to avoid them, too
  8. Work hard in your community to provide safe and wholesome services to others
  9. Be kind and loving to everyone! Yes, even that kid who acts mean in your class ;)
  10. Conserve supplies, such as water and energy
  11. Give everyone your valuable input and and opinion by voting
  12. Respect all different races and religions
  13. Obey people who have been given authority over you, like the police, fireman, governor, mayor, and your parents
  14. Get a good education
  15. Stay informed about your area
  16. Respect public and private property
  17. Follow the three R’s rule, reuse old things, reduce the things you throw away, and recycle your trash
  18. Stand up for kids around you when they’re being taunted or teased
  19. Share your God-given gifts and talents with everyone
  20. Always be courageous, loving, courteous, thoughtful, and righteous!

 I agree with Eugene V. Debs, an American Union Leader. He said: “I have no country to fight for: my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.”

I hope this post helped you find some new, creative ideas to be a good citizen and help out in your community!

How can you be a good citizen in your community?



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