Meet Elisha

Elisha - WhollyART - Full body

My name is Elisha and I love to read, write, edit, sing, dance, play the piano and and the guitar, and I love to draw and paint! I was born in San Diego, California in 2002 and lived in Florida with my sister, Elyssa, and my single mom, Elayna, for 7 years. 

We now live in Texas, and we have two little sisters! My mom now teaches other moms to find their passion and start a business.

My mom has always brought us to her trainings, so I have learned all about business and social media. Soon enough, I caught myself thinking: “I never knew businesses were so much fun! Not fair only adults can have them!” then my thoughts backfired with “Well, maybe I can!” Light-bulb!

I believe that my art is complete, or whole, and has true meaning, and that art consists of a variety of things; writings, music, painting, and basically almost any craft you put your soul and passion into! At WhollyART, we teach children positive principles through art.

Our first book together is based on the principle of Self-Worth. I Love ME! Self-esteem in 7 Easy Steps teaches kids and tweens to love themselves and have confidence!

I’m writing a second book, “Bullyproof,” right now about stopping and preventing bullying, and an eBook about self-compassion and self-love. 

I homeschooled throughout middle school and high school, and I absolutely loved it. It gave me the opportunity to gain hands on experiences: public speaking, writing, and figuring out who I want to become in this world – a book editor. I’m currently attending Brigham Young University to major in Editing and Publishing, set to graduate in 2024.