What modesty is and 3 reasons why modesty is important

It makes me so sad and disappointed when I see inappropriate outfits for girls. It has become harder and harder to find good, simple, clothes. Luckily, my mother has taught me since I was young to be modest. I want to share the blessing by doing these things:

  • Explaining what modesty is
  • Giving you three reasons why modesty is important
  • Sharing an awesome technique I learned from my mom to be modest

What is modesty?

What is modesty? My kid-friendly definition is below:


A behavior, manner, or action done specifically to avoid being inappropriate.

Usually, people use the word modesty when talking about dress, but it can be referring to:

  • Appropriate music
  • Modest amounts of makeup
  • Appropriate clothing and attire

A good example of modesty and respecting your body is not wearing rings on any part of your body except on your hands and ears (it is important to only have one set of earrings).

Why Modesty is Important?

Here are three reasons why modesty is important.

1. When you dress modestly, you are sending a message that you respect your body just as God made it. 

2. If you dress appropriately, you have a bigger chance of avoiding inappropriate situations with boys, or even adult men.

 3. When you cover yourself and are appropriate, you can let your true beauty shine!

As Astrid Alauda says, Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” This quote is actually in our book, I Love ME!.

Ways to be modest

 I use the head, shoulders, knees and toes concept my mom taught me to make sure I’m modest.

Head – Put your hands above your head. If your shirt lifts so your belly shows, it’s not modest.

Shoulders – Make sure to cover your shoulders

Knees – Skirts, dresses, and shorts should reach your knees.

Toes – Bend down to touch your toes. If your shirt lifts so your lower back shows, it isn’t modest.

My mom used to have a friend who dressed up her 2 year old in very womanly clothes, mascara, highlights in her hair, and lipstick. This is just one example of looking inappropriate for your age.

If your parents are buying immodest things for you, you may want to kindly and patiently ask them to stop. Of course, in some families, this is not an option. In that case, you can wear a shirt underneath a revealing dress and/or a coverup. I like to wear an undershirt to help me cover my belly and my back.

Please keep your body clean and modest! If you would like more information, please subscribe.

Be an example!


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